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Special Location Print - Donnellan Crafts
Special Location Print - Donnellan Crafts
Special Location Print - Donnellan Crafts

Special Location Plaque - Framed

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This plaque is a reminder of a special location in a couple's life such as that of their engagement, wedding, honeymoon or other special holiday.

The plaque comes in a frame which can be either wall-mounted or stand independently.

The plaque is made from Irish birch plywood, which allows for robust strength with a low weight.

The map profile of the OUTLINE LOCATION that you choose will be cut from fair colored birch ply and glued to a recessed backing board. This gives the piece an eye-catching sense of depth. The OUTLINE LOCATION may be a city, county or country, depending on your choice.

The specific LOCATION, which will likely be a village, town or city, will be engraved in the top layer, along with the names of the people, and the date.

The base layer will feature either of 2 engraving options that you choose to indicate the exact LOCATION on the map. This can be a pair of interlocking hearts on a plain background, or a single heart in a sun-beam patterned background.

The glue used is environmentally friendly.

To order, simply fill in the form and submit your order. We will then send you a preview of what your plaque will look like to get your final approval before manufacture.

The photos here show 2 examples. One of these is where the OUTLINE LOCATION is county Clare, the specific LOCATION is the town of Ennis and the pattern is that of the sun-beams. The other example uses the OUTLINE LOCATION of Australia, the specific LOCATION is the city of Perth and the plain pattern. If you are unsure which combination to use, please email us and we can advise you. If you change your mind about the locations or pattern after ordering, don't worry, we can make adjustments prior to creating the preview for you.

250mm x 250mm x 30mm

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