Swan Family
Swan Family
Swan Family
Swan Family

Swan Family

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Show your parent what they mean to you with this elegant ornament.

It is a novel and graceful alternative to the standard mothers day, fathers day or Christmas cards.

It consists of a parent swan with between one and three cygnets, all of which have their first names engraved on them. The cygnets can be displayed nestled inside the wings of the parent swan, or can be displayed separately.

Being made from 4mm birch plywood makes it very robust, meaning that your gift can be used as a prized ornament by your parent for a long time.

To order, please enter your parent's name in the field called PARENT FIRST NAME. Then enter your first name and those of your siblings in the field called CYGNETS FIRST NAMES separated by commas. Please note that this version of the product can only accommodate 3 cygnets. If you would like a version that has more than this, please reach out to us directly. Also note that the size of the cygnets will vary slightly depending on the number in the family. The photos here show a 3-cygnet family.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.


Safety Information:
- This is not a toy. Please do not allow very young children to play with it because it contains small parts.

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